Our Story

Welcome to the wonderful world of Healthy Organica natural foods!  We all at HEALTHY ORGANICA feel deep gratitude and satisfaction when each new customer or member joins us.

Who are we?

Beyond our visible human faces, websites and effort, exist the real front-line soldiers in our team – the honeybees, earthworms working relentlessly, microbes and their likes, snakes, other animals, birds planting natural fertilizer each year, and soil hoping to become more organic(carbon) one day, and plants/crops giving more alkaline content to all so that the cycle continues.

  • The earthworms would keep the soil channels open- a job that would take us millions of nano-JCB machine, something that is still not built.
  • The bees would pollinate, and also yield natural honey without any adulteration.
  • The snakes would eat rats, mice, other creatures to help natural growing crops.

We work with one single motive: If at all, we are mere custodians of a great system. As our duty, when we depart, we leave better lives and nature, than what we inherited.

As a result, despite so much recognition and affection from customers, all of our team is working hard to produce Organic food products.

For each acre food plot, we grow each year, we see around many acres of habitats lost year. Each year in summers, we see distressed snakes trying to find new habitat in our food plots as their places have been upturned by heavy machines, and converted to chemical farms or industrial units.

So each customer is important to us. Each such linkage strengthens our work, and the ability to grow more organic food plots.

Why our foods?

In the last 50 years, we have been driven away from natural foods, inhaling and ingesting foods that have molecules that were never known to the human body during the entire evolution of millions of years. Further, the way we consume these artificial foods e.g. fruit juices versus fruit with its skin, adds to the redundancy of many body processes. To add to it, modern jobs require unhealthy postures, unnatural stress, less exposure to sunlight and less daytime sweating, and many such factors add to modern food and health problems.

These are causing increasing rates of health issues, starting with manageable ones like acidity, skin issues, obesity and then progressing to loss of immunity, indigestion, diabetes, heart issues, and in increasing cases graduating to cell mutations causing cancers. Such scenarios have made a mockery of human life, families and in most cases financial well-being. It is time NOW to move to natural forest foods, starting with simple food habit changes. Turn to nature and see the wonderful results. 

 A request

Our foods are unprocessed, and without chemicals. Hence they cannot be left on store shelves, or for middlemen to adulterate.  In addition, whatever is not going to be consumed, is best left in forests. There it regenerates, and become part of the ecology cycle.

So we are directly putting up our supply. We prefer pre-orders and plan backward.  It will take some time to refine and perfect our processes.

With your patronage, we will certainly add more food forests and more products, and save ecology for future generations.